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Cyrus Bonnet

Cyrus Bonnet has been a pioneer in the military real estate profession on a national level for nearly 10 years. As a combat army veteran and JBLM’s top military realtor, Cyrus knows what it takes to make your PCS or any other move easy, systematic and smooth. To stay knowledgeable on current market regulations in this fast-paced industry, Cyrus engages in ongoing trainings on the imperative real estate laws, market conditions and VA regulations.

Cyrus Bonnet grew up in Colorado and learned a strong work ethic working in construction at a young age while going to school and getting a degree. He went on to join the military at 23 and travel the world. Most of his military career was spent with 3rd brigade 2 ID in Ft. Lewis, WA. Cyrus acquired special skills to fly UAV’s (Raven), call in airstrikes from fighter jets and attack helicopters (JFO – Joint Force Operator), and call for fire from artillery (13F -FO-Forward Observer). His job in the military adapted him to technical and universal knowledge, in constant change and adaption, and high expectations to perform on the spot. He collaborated and worked with other units and military forces directly outside his unit while serving in Iraq, Korea and training. Cyrus’ dedication and responsibility exceeded him to become a Non-Commissioned Officer within two years.

Cyrus came from a family of successful entrepreneurs and wanted to start his own business within real estate to continue the family entrepreneurial spirit. So far, his creative and tenacious attitude for his business has pushed him through the ranks of the military and the realty profession. After 10 years in the business, similarly to his military career, he has surpassed others in performance, sales, adaptation, technological edge. Through his efforts, Cyrus pioneered the term military realtor that we hear of often today.

"I truly believe the Army values not only helped me succeed in my military career, they help me as a person and as a successful REALTOR®"

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Selfless Service, and Personal Courage.

To learn more about Cyrus Bonnet's real estate career, please visit the home page.

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