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Military: We are one of JBLMs top military realtors. To learn how I can help you with your VA benefits , PCS move & my services Click here and for a quicker direct response from me (I Prioritize you) or visit the home page.

Non Military: Click Here to get in touch with one of our dedicated agents to help you with the foreclosure and guide you through the process.

Renters: These are NOT for rent! Click here for more help.

Cash Investors: If you want more info on auction dates or general info go to I DO NOT represent the bank or homeowner and am currently not taking on investor clients. You can also look into, or

Zillow foreclosures / Pre-foreclosures

Zillow foreclosures are just public records Zillow pulls from the county or auction websites to give cash investors an idea of what MAY go to auction. As of today these properties are not for sale but may come available at some point.
1 of 4 things will happen:

  1. The owner in pre-foreclosure will pay off their debt/delinquency and will no longer be in pre-foreclosure status. This can take time to come down from the site also.
  2. The bank will postpone or cancel the auction. (Happens 50% of the time, due to pay off or going on the open market as an REO.)
  3. It will be sold at auction (30% chance they sell of the 50% of homes that make it to auction) THIS IS ALMOST ALWAYS CASH ONLY. No loans such as VA or Conventional. Hard money is an option but research is an absolute must as they are risky.
  4. It will be placed on the MLS as an REO property (bank owned) home for sale available to anyone with financing options where we can go after it.

We can set you up on a search in the event it comes available on the market with finance options. This is the only way we can track if this foreclosure/pre-foreclosure comes on the market actively and finance-able. We can set up the search for a radius, so you can see similar homes and get an idea of what market values looks like if it becomes a listing. Maybe even something better will come up that you like more anyway!

Either way me or my team can assist you in your home purchase. And guide you through processes like this. Click the link above that best suits you.

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