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Spanaway Offers Affordable Homes Close to JBLM

JBLM Neighborhoods: Spanaway JBLM Real Estate — 23 June 2011

One of the top priorities for people who work on base and are looking to choose a neighborhood nearby to live in is commute time. When you’re facing a daily commute along one of our the regions busiest freeways, location is important. Spanaway is an attractive choice for folks looking for an easy commute to JBLM.

“Spanaway is great for the military personnel due to the convenience of how close it is to JBLM.” Says Cyrus Bonnet, a former Army NCO currently working as a real estate agent specializing in Spanaway. “Spanaway is JBLM’s backyard neighbor.”

Just this week The News Tribune published and article about the affordability Spanaway’s homes.

…The average listing price of a four-bedroom, two-bath home in Spanaway in March was $201,660, second only to Spokane’s $189,551.

The survey, released last week, puts the average price for a four-bedroom home at $293,000 nationwide. The survey included homes for sale in more than 2,300 U.S. communities. – The News Tribune

In addition to it’s location near bases, Spanaway’s East Pierce County location means the attractions of the mountains including Elbe, Northwest Trek, and Mt. Rainier are right at your doorstep. Large lots and acreage are very affordable in Spanaway, as is living on or near Spanaway Lake.

According to Cyrus, “If you want a neighborhood within close proximity to neighbors, parks, schools or if you want a rural area to enjoy open land of your own-Spanaway has it.”

For more information about buying a home in Spanaway contact Cyrus or contact us.

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