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How To Navigate The Home-Buying Process Without Damaging Your Relationship

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How To Navigate The Home-Buying Process Without Damaging Your Relationship


Relationships thrive on good communication and working together as a team, two key attributes you’ll need to institute if you’re planning a move with a partner. Research suggests that 58 percent of Americans agree that moving with a significant other is more stressful than wedding planning, so you’re going to both need to keep your wits about you as to not risk damaging your relationship. Don’t go into the home-buying and moving process without having a solid plan so you’re both on the same page throughout the entire process.


Choosing A New Home

It’s unlikely that you’re both going to find a home that 100 percent appeals to both of you, so you’re each going to need to compromise when it comes to things like layout, size of the yard, the number of rooms (and what you intend to use them for), etc. Tips for success include:


  • Make Separate Must-Have Lists: Having at least five items that match is where you should put your focus for what to look for in your next home. If possible, see if you can each compromise on one thing from each of your lists.


  • Separate Emotion From Budget: Unless you want to start your new homelife fighting about money, set realistic expectations of what you can both afford no matter how much you love that professional kitchen.


  • Consider Putting House Hunting On Hold: Sometimes taking a breather is more effective than putting pressure on yourselves to find the perfect abode right away. Consider letting your realtor help you weigh the pros and cons of your top picks — an unbiased third party can help you avoid an argument.


  • Be Honest About Your Financial Status: This is particularly important for unmarried couples who are buying home together. Factors like different credit scores, figuring out how to manage costs, and figuring out what you’ll do if the relationship goes south.


Plan Ahead

A moving checklist can help you organized and on track while limiting stress and arguments. When creating such a plan, be realistic about time — many people underestimate how long moving-related tasks can take, so exaggerate a bit so you have some wiggle room. If you decide to hire a mover, make sure you do so a few months in advance so you have ample time to research the best pros in the area for the job.


Declutter With Empathy

One of the quickest ways to start an argument is by insulting your partner’s personal belongings during the decluttering process. As it is, studies show Americans of all ages and sexes struggle to part with sentimental items. It’s likely that you’ll both have things you will need to get rid of in order to make more space in your new home — particularly if you’re downsizing. Like the buying process, compromise to ensure you’re both keeping some items of importance while making a dubious effort to avoid dragging things with you that you no longer need. This will help with the unpacking process later on.


Divide And Conquer

Stay out of each other’s hair by taking on separate tasks that cater to your strengths. For example, one of you might be better at tasks like organizing the movers and changing the addresses on all of your pertinent contacts while the other is better at packing boxes.


Practice Self-Care

Unpacking is an arduous process, so it can be easy to become overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted, which is the perfect recipe for getting on one another’s nerves. Take frequent breaks and take time to eat a decent meal — maybe even leaving the house to explore the neighborhood together.


Try to make some happy memories together amidst the chaos. Moving into a new home together is an exciting life milestone, so don’t let stress take that away from you. Take a moment to pop open a bottle of champagne and toast your success.


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