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Navigate Today’s Housing Market like a #1Pro!

When you first get started in navigating today’s housing market, it can be fast-paced. Veterans Agents knows that the unwritten laws of supply and demand are ever-present in our bustling Pacific Northwest housing market. In the past few years, the housing market has taken acrobatics for homebuyers and those looking to sell their homes and properties, but the steadiness of the current market is a sign that it’s time to take the plunge with your real estate goals and ventures. The booming area around JBLM is full of updated, new and totally renovated homes that are waiting for you!


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Why Buy in The JBLM Area?

The area surrounding JBLM includes Lakewood, Spanaway, Yelm Tacoma, Puyallup, Lacey, Dupont, University Place, Fircrest, Roy and Steilacoom. These towns feature perfect homes for single living and family life. With parks and other recreation at your fingertips, this area could not be more ideal.


This area is perfect for anyone looking to relocate here or those who have been here for a while. JBLM is a great area to settle into a mortgage instead of renting. Rural or city life is an option in the JBLM area. The JBLM area genuinely has it all.

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How to Navigate Buying in the Current Market

Buying in today’s market can be difficult. It’s great to have an agent like Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents on your side to navigate the sometimes confusing and fast-paced situations that can arise. Interest rates, appreciation values and the ever-changing tides of the market call for someone who has experience in this industry and Veterans Agents can take you through each step of the process to help you reach your buying or selling goals.


Interest Rate Options in Today’s JBLM Area Market

Interest rates are not expected to drop until fall of 2023. Here’s what you can do to combat this issue:

  • Offset the higher costs of current interest rates and take advantage of the current neutral market before the likely intense sellers’ market returns.
  • Utilize the 3/2/1 Buy Down Program. This amazing program allows you to pay or negotiate with the seller to pay down the rate substantially for the first year. After the first year, the rate increases, then settles at a permanent number the third year of the life of the loan. The catch here is you can refinance anytime in most other mortgages, so when rates go down, you could have been with a lower rate the whole time.
  • 40-year loan. This lengthy loan reduces your monthly payment to offset to price of houses. In time, you can refinance to a better interest rate if the rate at closing isn’t ideal for you.

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Making a Bold Move in the Hot JBLM Area

Competitive markets can lead to unexpected offers. Be prepared to be bold with your offers and show the seller you are truly interested. While the market is neutral, you can rest easier than when houses are flying on and off within minutes, but it’s always a good idea to go into the offer with confidence and surety.

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The Tacoma Area Remains Hot for Real Estate Action

Luckily, Western Washington is home to JBLM and the bustling Tacoma. In the JBLM area of Western Washington, real estate, business and opportunities in education, marketing and the arts are boundless. No matter your career field, you can find an opportunity in the JBLM area.


Fortunately, as you can see from the heat maps, the prices of homes are not falling – rather, appreciation is falling. Appreciation was nearing 17% for the last few years and that is no longer the case.


Take Advantage of the Rich Housing Supply JBLM Area Currently Has

Right now, days on the market are up, pending sales are down. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of a highly competitive housing market. Right now is the ideal time to start the process so you are ready for the boom come spring time.


Veterans Agents Can Lead You into Your Dream Home in the JBLM Area

Veterans Agents is a team of experienced and caring real estate agents. We will take the time to ensure you find the home of your dreams or can sell your home with ease. Contact Cyrus Bonnet at Veterans Agents for all your home buying, home selling and other real estate needs at 253.766.5133 or by visiting our contact page.

For more information about buying a home with Cyrus Bonnet and Veterans Agents or any real estate needs please be sure to reach out to us by filling out the form below or by call, text, email below:


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