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6 Adventures at State Parks Surrounding JBLM

There are so many state parks surrounding JBLM! Washington State is a wonderland of adventure with forests, beaches, trails, camping spots and endless opportunities at areas like state parks. When you look at the map of Washington state parks, you will see that they innumerably dot the map. There are parks in every corner and reach of the state and homeowners in the JBLM area love to get out and enjoy them to the fullest.


Read on for a great list of state parks in the immediate JBLM area!

State Parks Map

Federation Forest State Park

“We’re Driving Out to the Mountain” is all you need to say! Federation Forest is out towards Rainier. To get there, you just go towards that beautiful mountain of ours on highway 410 through Bonney Lake, Buckley and Enumclaw. Before you meet the town of Greenwater, you will find yourself in the old growth of Federation Forest State Park.


Many people stop in the park for the day and head on out farther towards the mountain to camp or find a cozy spot in Federation. Further along this area is the collection of trails for offroad fun called the Naches trails. Legends of Bigfoot roaming the lichen-bearded trees echo this magical realm of old forest where rough rivers run wild, fed by the mountain that towers in the distance.


Tolmie State Park

Located on Nisqually Beach, Tolmie State Park is a large stretch along the Puget Sound near Olympia. Tolmie is a scuba-diving location for the area with a built-in artificial reef for scuba divers to enjoy. The park is named for Dr. William Fraser Tolmie (1812-1886) who spent 16 years with the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Nisqually as a physician, surgeon, botanist and fur trader.

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Dashpoint State Park

Dashpoint has a great layout with forest, freshwater, the bay and skim-boarding on the freshwater outlet paths that line the mainline to the beach. You will always find a group of park visitors, young and old, playing in these shallows and having the time of their life.


The campgrounds are a place to make new friends and summer memories year after year. You will find yourself on the winding trails and discover the simple comforts of nature at this state park. The city is not too far, but this pace is a great escape in a conveniently located area.


Flaming Geyser State Park

Flaming Geyer State Park is a large area that was once a private park that was saved from developers looking to create residential areas. The methane seeps are what gives the park its interesting name. These gas leaks from deep in the earth and were once so strong that they would hold a flame. The methane source is no longer strong enough to catch fire, but the park retains the fun, unique name to this day. This park features a heavy collection of trails a splash ground area for children and white-water rafting.

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Saltwater State Park

It’s all in the name with Saltwater State Park. There is a vast shoreline 1,445 feet on the Puget Sound. You can have a blast camping at this popular park over the summer or enjoy wildlife viewing year-round. This park is serene and quiet while giving the best of the Puget Sound and forest experiences.


This park has as unique history that focuses on symbolisms of peace. The idea is that Seattle and Tacoma had a quarrel and, being located precisely halfway between the two cities, this was the place to bury the hatchet. There is a hatchet buried somewhere secret under a rock in the park the symbolize the peace being shared between the two iconic cities of Washington State.

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Squak Mountain State Park

You can hike to your heart’s content at Squak Mountain State Park. The park features the summit to Squak Mountain trail. This intermediate trail is a great hike for experienced hikers and the park features many more wilderness trails throughout. This state park is located just outside of Issaquah – just a 15-minute drive from Seattle! Who knew you could find such break from the city with such ease?


Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park is the most visited park in Washington State. The jaw-dropping views, cliffsides, trails, beachfront adventures and kite flying call visitors from near and far. The parks website describes the park, saying “Deception Pass State Park spreads over 3,854 acres, a marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. The park is actually located on two islands — Fidalgo to the north and Whidbey to the south. The Canoe Pass and Deception Pass bridges connect the two islands, creating a gateway for exploration.”


Moran State Park

Find yourself in a Northwest state of mind when you visit this beautiful island where recreation is second nature. The island is full of the beauty of nature and opportunities for adventure. The moment you drive through the rustic arch that welcomes visitors, you find a sense of home – even if it’s your first time there. Moran is a place to remember and visit again and again.


Ocean City State Park

Ocean City State Park is a travel destination for many people who drive from one coast to the other. With the access to food, recreation and more in Ocean Shores, Ocean City State Park is a great destination for anyone going towards the ocean. This large park can be enjoyed all year and features wildlife viewing, beachcombing, clam digging, trails and all the chill vibes of a Pacific Northwest beach.


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