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How to Be a Successful Homeowner – A Guide from Veterans Agents for JBLM Area Homes

If you want to be a successful homeowner in one of the many available JBLM area homes, there are many things you can do. You can start by doing things that include being a good neighbor, maintaining your home and yard and taking pride in your community.


Being a good homeowner is an ambiguous idea, especially in JBLM area homes where there is a collection of people from all across the world. There are plenty of things you can do to be a great homeowner and our list is just the beginning. Read this list from Veterans Agents to start thinking of great ways to be a good homeowner in the JBLM area.

Successful Homeowner

Be a Good Neighbor to Be a Successful Homeowner

With most of us being far from where our heart calls home, JBLM area homes are the next best thing. When you JBLM area homes are on your radar, you can get ready for a community where it’s great to have a neighbor to call friend!

The smallest acts of kindness can make a huge difference, especially with neighbors. These acts can bring people together, lift spirits and help build a community of support for the people in our JBLM area homes. Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents loves being involved with JBLM area homes because this big community is the very best around!


Here are a few simple ideas of how you can be a good neighbor in JBLM area homes:

  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood. A storm can blow trash bins around or sometimes animals get into trash in the night. Help a neighbor out if you see their can in the middle of the road.
  • Help an elderly neighbor out. People from all walks of life can struggle to get all their household chores and goals completed on their own. Even if you don’t have the time to do much, helping a neighbor with their yard work, taking trash out or even just bring a meal can be a great gesture.
  • Let a new neighbor know you’re there for them. When you see them out on the street, introduce yourself and ask them how they are.

Successful Homeowner

Maintain Your JBLM Area Home and Yard

Sometimes this one is up to interpretation, but it’s generally agreed upon by people with JBLM area homes that a home should be well maintained inside and out. We all create comfort in our home in our own ways, so not everyone is going to have a pristine property – just like everyone isn’t always going to have a poorly maintained property.


Here are a few things you can do to maintain your JBLM area home:

  • Repair damages before the issues get larger (and potentially more expensive!)
  • If something about your home is affecting your neighbors, consider fixing the issue. For example, if you have heaps of garbage on the side of your house, it is likely attracting rodents and that affects everyone around you.
  • Make necessary repairs to plumbing, roofing and other integral aspects of your home. These components of your home cannot go neglected without eventual consequence.
  • Do regular inspections of pipes, roofing, outlets and appliances to ensure everything is running the way it should.
  • Mow the lawn and prune trees as needed, especially if there is a lot of prior deadfall that can get blown around in the wind.


Being a Successful Homeowner Means Taking Pride in Your Community

Successful Homeowner

Your community and JBLM area home is your connection to everyone around you in their JBLM area homes. There are favorite spots for coffee, ice cream and dinner all over town and the JBLM surrounding areas. People know the best JBLM area parks for toddlers, the fun places to hangout for teens in the JBLM area and the best trails local to JBLM area to enjoy with the whole close family and military family. There are so many things to know and so many people within your community that you can learn it all from.


When you immerse yourself, family and interests in your JBLM community, you can further enrich the quality and diversity of a community. Veterans Agents believes that it is through these connections that we can form better communities and we are happy to help build communities in the JBLM area with happy, educated homeowners.

Successful Homeowner

Get on the Road to Buying a JBLM Area Home with Veterans Agents

If buying a JBLM area home is a goal you would like to achieve, Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents would love to help get you on the path towards success! Contact Cyrus today at 253.766.5133 or by visiting our contact page.



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