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What Are the Common Home Styles in the JBLM Area?

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There are so many terms and phrases used in the real estate industry that it can hard to keep of. Rambler, townhouse and condo are a few that some people wonder at. Isn’t a condo an apartment? Isn’t a rambler just a house? The answer is yes and no. Read through this blog from Cyrus Bonnet and Veteran’s Agents to learn more about the different styles of houses available to you in the JBLM area.


Northwest Craftsmen

This style of home is popular in our area around JBLM. As the predominant home style for new builds in the area, the Northwest Craftsmen style fits right in for the easy-going vibe of the area. These lodge-style homes are made with an abundance of natural materials like cedar logs, siding or shake roofing. Some of these homes have grand and elegant floor designs. Think chic lodge in a picturesque forest. These homes are simply beautiful.



What is a Condo? Veterans Agents has the answer!

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Condos are a form of housing that is common across the globe. They are a great solution for those who are downsizing and looking to live in an urban area with great access to shops and food. A condo is a complex of buildings with individual units – much like an apartment, but the space is typically owned or leased instead of rented.


There are many different types of condos. Detached condos are the most common, but there are several other forms. A condo is a great option for first time homebuyers and seniors in the JBLM area.



Colonial-style homes are a classic and enduring style of house. Their simple yet elegant architecture reflects the simplicity and classic style of timeless architecture.


These houses are usually rectangular in shape with a central entrance, a central staircase, and a foyer at the front. They are often constructed with brick or stone. These houses are often constructed with low-pitched roofs. They also often feature steep side gable roofs. This type of roof allows for practical drainage and allows access to attic space. Some colonial homes have dormer windows that add more usable space on the upper levels.



Craftsman homes are among the most common types of houses in America. These homes are known for their originality, quality craftsmanship, and distinctive style. Usually, they are designed to blend into nature and are built using natural materials. The exteriors of these homes feature natural tones, such as brown, red, green, or gold.


While the Arts and Crafts movement began in England and Europe, it gained popularity in the United States after WWI. Its aim was to preserve traditional craftsmen’s skills and oppose mass production, which critics said separated artists and laborers and produced poor-quality products.

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The Farmhouse is one of the most popular home styles in America. This style of home is known for its livability and practicality. With a traditional farmhouse, the interior often has a simple layout and lots of natural materials.


The main floor is usually large, making it a good place for entertaining. It also has plenty of storage space. A large porch is also common. A typical farmhouse has an open floor plan with many windows. The great room has a vaulted ceiling and exposed trusses. There is sometimes a fireplace. We at Veterans Agents love this style of home – you can never go wrong with a good farmhouse and they’re abundant in this area!



Ranch-style homes are another favorite at Veterans Agents. These houses are usually single-story with an open floor plan. Rach-style homes are affordable, relatively easy to maintain, and popular for their aesthetic and homeliness.


Ranch-style houses were first influenced by Spanish colonial architecture. As suburban growth began in the 1950s, developers found the ranch style house ideal for their construction needs. In addition to their simple designs, these homes were also quick to build. The use of modern materials and assembly-line techniques made them inexpensive to build.


Manufactured Home

A manufactured home is a good option for some buyers. There are many options with these homes, but they are excluded from some types of loans because they are not considered “stick built”. Be that as it may, they are still a great option for many buyers with Veterans Agents.


Manufactured homes are very customizable, can be delivered to nearly any location and can be quite nice and spacious. Modern manufactured homes are revolutionary compared to their older counterparts and can be very impressive when it comes to style, design and price point. Speak with an agent at Veterans Agents today about options with manufactured homes.



Townhomes are a type of housing that is usually attached to another building. Think of it as a hybrid between a condo and a single-family home. These homes are often found in densely populated areas and are typically smaller than detached or semi-detached homes.

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Townhouses are typically two or three stories tall. They share side walls and have rear and front entrances. Some townhouses have private garages to save you from parking on the street. If you’re interested in a townhouse, contact Cyrus Bonnet at Veterans Agent today!


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