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Higher Profit
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Quicker Sale
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Precision Pricing
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Maximum Exposure
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Higher Net Return
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When it comes to selling your home, it involves much more than putting up a sign. It requires precision, professionalism, and optimal experience to truly stand out in the competitive market and gain maximum exposure. Because we understand how important this process is, we have strategic methods set in place that allows us to make vital checks and balances, verify that opposing party actions are being completed, and deliver top dollar with minimal market durations. We also utilize the latest innovative technology in every phase to ensure transactions are systematic and smooth

As your support system, we act as your boots on the ground, coordinating with contractors, property managers/tenants, overseeing maintenance and coordinating home sale preparation. You get everything in all one complete package. This along with our proficiency in contracts and working with tough negotiators can give you the confidence that you will achieve favorable results.

Exposure – We know how important it is to implement strategies that make your home truly stand out. Because of that, we dedicate ourselves to finding unique ways that others have never thought of that will gain maximum exposure within the competitive market. We also use our own techniques, which have been successfully proven to result in more offers with less contingencies.

Dynamics, Data, Systematic: We are very data and analytical in all phases of the home selling process, we diligently analyze the market and associated data with a 9-point CMA to get precise pricing and ideal marketing strategies. This collectively allows us to reduce the number of days your house stays on the market, all while gaining the highest return. Additionally, we also pull the analytics for tracking and refinement and keep all expectations and timelines moving forward to achieve the end goal.

Dynamics, Data, Systematic

We are very data & Analytical in all phases of the home selling process.

Dynamics, Data, Systematic

Tough and effective negotiators holding feet to the fire yet balanced to get the deal done.

Dynamics, Data, Systematic

Great communication, effective strategies to get you top dollar in least amount of time, and your overall satisfaction gurantee.

What’s my home really worth?

Online estimates range greatly due to lack of concessions, conditions, upgrades, external and unique desirable and undesirable factors. They rely on data alone. They typically have 5 to 30% variances off actual sale price

What’s my home really worth?

We have developed a 9 point precision market analysis to determine your homes actual value in the market with an average of -2% to +2% variance. More touches then the average agent or online estimate which help appraisers side with us more.


Cyrus Bonnet has earned the nationally recognized Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certification. The National Association of REALTORS® offers the PSA certification to REALTORS® as determining property values depends more than ever on professional expertise and competence, the best use of technology, and a commitment to approach the pricing assignment from various perspectives.

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