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What Should You Consider Before Buying a House in the JBLM Area?

When you are considering buying a house in the JBLM area, there are several things you should take into consideration. These include shopping lenders, getting pre-approved for a loan, sorting out any credit issues you have, calculating your monthly payment and searching for that perfect neighborhood in the JBLM area.

Let Veterans Agents guide you through the initial questions people ask when they begin the process of buying a home.


How Do You Get Preapproved for Buying a House in the JBLM area?

The preapproval process for a home loan provides you with an idea of what to expect in terms of mortgage options. Before you get preapproved, you want to shop lenders. At Veterans Agents, we encourage our clients to seek out the best rates. If your realtor coaches you to settle for whoever they have in-house, you should find a different realtor! Veterans Agents always encourages their clients on practices that are in their best interests, not lenders.


For the preapproval process, you will need to provide your personal information and lenders will run a credit report to ensure that you have the financial security necessary to qualify for a mortgage. If everything checks out, it can be quick to get pre-approved for a loan.




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The first step is to establish that you are qualified to buy. There is no point in doing a lot of work only to find out we have something else to take care of first. You wouldn’t go fishing without a fishing pole! There are important things to know before qualifying however.

Here is a video that explains why you should shop multiple lenders, and potential lenders to avoid.



Video Takeaways

  • You have 13 days to shop lenders and it only counts as 1 hard pull on credit
  • So shop lenders and ideally shop local lenders. National lenders (sometimes with a military logo) often say they are VA experts with best rates but have much higher hidden costs, poor communication, and don’t know local markets.
  • Shop all costs not just interest rates; origination charges, buy down points, rate lock extensions.
  • Question low interest rates then averages. They usually charge higher buy down rates.
  • Don’t expect loyalty from lenders as they all sell off the loan at some point.
  • Determine what percentage of their business is VA

Make Sure Your Credit Is Looking Good Before Buying a House in the JBLM Area

If you have negative remarks on your credit report or have bad debt, you might find that you have some hurtles to cross before you can qualify for a mortgage. Most lenders will want to see that you have settled any debts and have not incurred more for a variable amount of time. Creditors look for many things when considering applicants for home loans and every client’s situation is different. A realtor like Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents can explain the specifics one on one.


Calculating Your Monthly Payment for Buying a House in the JBLM area

Sometimes, it’s difficult to conceptualize the idea what your monthly payment will be. Luckily, Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents can help you out with an easy calculator! Check out this VA Loan calculator to help you understand how mortgage payment estimates brake down.

JBLM Realtor


What Type of Neighborhood Do you Want to Live In the JBLM area ?

There are so many different living environments to consider. Do you want a condo in Tacoma or a nice rambler off of Gravely Lake? Do you want a short commute to JBLM or is a scenic drive from Roy or Yelm more your thing? You can choose a neighborhood, a long dirt road or apartment. The choices are pretty endless and Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents can help you choose exactly what works best for you and this next step in your life.

Buying a JBLM House

Contact a Trusted Realtor like Cyrus Bonnet with Veterans Agents

Real estate agents are trained professionals who know the JBLM area, the flows of the housing market and the types of houses on the market. We can also help you negotiate prices, find listings and find education on homebuying and more.


A good agent can save you a lot of time and trouble and we have the best at Veterans Agents. At Veterans Agents, we can walk you through the entire process of homebuying.


No matter if you are just in the beginning of home buying or need a redirection on your current homebuying path, Cyrus Bonnet and Veterans Agents can help you out. Contact Cyrus today at 253.766.5133 or by visiting our contact page.

For more information about buying a home with Cyrus Bonnet and Veterans Agents or any real estate needs please be sure to reach out to us by filling out the form below or by call, text, email below:



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