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Housing Market Update: Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap Counties

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Housing Market Update Real Data Analyzed By Cyrus Bonnet "Beware of Fear-Mongering Influencers: The Housing Market Reality"     In the era of YouTube, Instagram, and other social medi...

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HOUSING MARKET UPDATE – Beware what you read!

Housing Market Update Real Data Analyzed By Cyrus Bonnet BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU READ! Welcome to our housing market update! As we delve into the latest trends and shifts in the real estate landscape, it is essential to bear in mind a cruci...

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Housing Market Update – Real Estate Regret

Housing Market Update Real Estate Regret (2nd Qtr. 2022) Regret and Fear are twin Thieves that rob us of today- Rob Hastings Is the market Crashing? Correcting? Shifting? It is no secret the housing market is next in line to feel the...

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Housing Market Update JBLM/ South Sound

March Market Update  Summery of the what is going on overall Best times to buy and sell Major headlines hindering/helping real estate. Buyer and Seller Summaries. The good and bad. Pierce and Thurston county housing data and summery...

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May 2021 Housing Market Update JBLM Region

Here is the latest analyzed & detailed housing market update for Pierce and Thurston Counties surrounding JBLM. Data is personally analyzed with relevant topics to follow. Contact us anytime with questions and or to assist in yo...

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